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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen zur Archäometrie in Berlin-Brandenburg

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Bioarchaeological Research in Sudan

369. Hauskolloquium mit einem Vortrag aus der Reihe Naturwissenschaftliche Forschungen an der Zentrale des DAI:

Dr. Tina Jakob (Durham University):
A Tale of Two Cemeteries: Recent Bioarchaeological Research in Sudan.

am Donnerstag, den 11. Juli 2019, um 18:00 Uhr c.t.
im Gartensaal des Wiegandhauses, Eingang: Peter-Lenné-Straße 28-30.


This presentation provides an overview of current bioarchaeological studies on human skeletal remains from two cemeteries in Sudan. The first, Al Khiday 2, located just south of the city of Omdurman and the second, Mograt Island, further to the north near Abu Hamed. The cemeteries contain burials spanning from the late Pleistocene/early Holocene to the Christian period. The bioarchaeological analysis uses a holistic approach to contextualise palaeodemographic, metric and palaeopathological findings taking factors such as climate, environmental conditions and subsistence into consideration.



DAI Berlin, Wiegandhaus

Peter-Lenné-Str. 28

14195 Berlin


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